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Gooloogong NSW
..A Lachlan River town, Gooloogong is situated on the Lachlan Valley Way between Forbes and Cowra
Bushranger John O’Meally is buried in an unmarked grave in the old Anglican Cemetery north of the village
A Lachlan River town, Gooloogong is situated on the Lachlan Valley Way between Forbes (57km) and Cowra (34 km) with Eugowra a half hours drive to the North on the Eugowra Gooloogong Road.  The Nyrang Belubula Road will take you to Canowindra (30 km).  Parkes & Orange are about an hours drive from Gooloogong.

Gooloogong is partly in the Forbes Shire but the majority lies in the Cowra Shire.
Take the time to make the 5km drive along Kangarooby Road to Croote Cottage.  This historic pioneer clay homestead was built in 1827 by convicts and constructed with 'pise' walls 8 inches thick ('pise' is rammed earth).

John Dowd and his wife acquired the cottage from Captain coulston in 1847 and Dowd descendants still own the property. 
Realising the heritage value, over many years the cottage has been restored to its original condition with authentic colonial period furniture.
One of Australia’s oldest surviving residences - inspections of the home are only by appointment.
The origins of Gooloogong began with the establishment of the Gool-a-gong cattle station in the 1820s by Dr William Redfern who was the personal physician to Governor Lachlan Macquarie.  A showroom in the Log Cabin Hall traces this heritage.
Holman Bridge - entry to Gooloogong NSWView from Holman Bridge at Gooloogong.Holman Bridge going out of GooloogongGooloogong NSW situated in  Central West NSWWelcome to Gooloogong - ahead - Log Cabin Hall on left, Gooloogong Hotel on rightGooloogong Park and amenitiesGooloogong Log Cabin HallSide View..Gooloogong Log Cabin HallGooloogong HotelGooloogong Public SchoolOld - St Malachy Catholic Church GooloogongNew St Malachy Catholic ChurchSt Malachy Catholic Church GooloogongHistoric pioneer clay homestead - Croote Cottage built in 1827The Gooloogong landscapeThe Gooloogong landscape
The Holman Bridge is a DeBurgh timber truss road bridge that was completed in 1904.
DeBurgh trusses were significant technical improvements over their predecessors. Holman bridge has concrete piers, which is representative of the emerging concrete technology in bridge construction.

As a timber truss road bridge, the Holman Bridge has strong associations with the expansion of the road network and economic activity throughout NSW, as well as Ernest DeBurgh, the designer of this type of truss.

In 1998 there were 10 surviving DeBurgh trusses in NSW of the 20 built, and 82 timber truss road bridges survive from the over 400 built.

The Holman bridge is a representative example of DeBurgh timber truss road bridges, and is assessed as being Locally significant, primarily on the basis of its technical and historical significance.
THE HOLMAN BRIDGE over the Lachlan River at Gooloogong.
The public school in King Street is reputedly one of the first schools west of the Blue Mountains.  It has been teaching readin', 'ritin', 'rithmetic since 1869, serving the local village community and surrounding district.
Visit the school website -
The Log Cabin Hall was built in 1927 by Hugh Heavener.  It was build to cater for an influx of workers in need of entertainment when a planned Lachlan River project eventuated.  Unfortunately after the war the project went to Jemalong instead.
After Hugh Heavener died this unique historical landmark was donated to the Gooloogong community.
The 'hub' of Gooloogong, the Log Cabin Hall has seen many functions over the years - concerts, exhibitions, black tie balls (known locally as the "Esky Ball"), dances, parties and weddings.  Associations and groups travelling through Gooloogong also use it - groups such as Vintage Car Rallies and the Henry Lawson Harness Riders.
Gooloogong LOG CABIN HALL:
Gooloogong ORIGINS:
CROOTE COTTAGE at Gooloogong:
.  The old original church of St Malachy was built in 1880 out of locally cut stone ferried over the Lachlan from the Marsh and Melliday properties.  St Malachy's was a simple gothic church. The beautiful internal  timber roof is intact even today, well over 100 years later.  As the parish grew to include a convent and school it was decided to build a larger new church.  The new St Malachy's church was blessed and opened by the Bishop of Goulburn, Guilford Young in May 1953.
Although used still for some years the Old St Malachy is now a ruin, part of the historic heritage of Gooloogong.
ST MALACHY'S Catholic Church:
Gooloogong Log Cabin Hall
Main Street Gooloogong
NSW 2805
D. Dowd (02) 63448350
The Secretary, C/- Post Office, Gooloogong, NSW  2805
Gooloogong Hotel
Main Street Gooloogong
NSW 2805
Phone: 02 6348 8327
Gooloogong Community Health Centre
Main Street Gooloogong
NSW 2805
Phone: 02 6344 8232
Gooloogong Public School
King St, Gooloogong NSW 2805
Phone   6344 8307
Fax       6344 8349
Croote Cottage
Kangarooby Rd, Gooloogong NSW 2805
Phone   6344 8381
Like its neighbours Cowra and Forbes - Gooloogong is a service area for the surrounding farming area.
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